Aerospace Division

Craftsmanship technology

Craftsmanship technology and cutting edge facilities for best practice to "Shape your idea into Reality"

Craftsmanship technology

We manufacture engine parts for aircraft and rockets, as well as gas turbine parts.

We respond to customer needs by performing integrated production from material procurement to parts production, quality assurance, and delivery.

Not only with our deformation processing and machining processing using cutting edge facilities, we are also working to carry on projects with high quality and technical difficulty required by customers by combining craftsmanship processing technology cultivated over many years.

Integrated production system

Based on comprehensive production management from the design and production of jigs, tools, to the production of parts, we plan a manufacturing process plan and materialize products with an integrated production system.

In component manufacturing, we deliver products through various processing processes, including material procurement through our supply chain, while guaranteeing the quality that meets customer requirements.

Integrated production system
Main technology

Main technology

Main technology

    Plastic working

  • 3D tool desigh and Forming Anaysis
  • Hot/Cold Press, Expand Forming
  • Machining Technology

  • Machining jig design
  • CNC Programming
  • 5 Axis CNC Milling and Turning
  • Laser and Wire cut processing
  • Assembly technology

  • Assemble jig design
  • TIG Welding (Nadcap certified)
  • Laser welding

Quality Assurance

    Dimentional property

  • 3-D measurement (Contact, Non-contact)
  • Configuration characteristic

  • Surface Roughness Measuremnt
  • Contour measurement
  • Non-destructive inspection

  • Fluorescent Penetrate Inspection (Nadcap Authentification)
  • Metallographic evaluation

  • Microscopic Examination
  • Others

  • Weld inspection /Welding deposition Inspection
  • Leak Test
  • On the jig inspection

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